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Today has been emotional. I can’t be certain as to why. It feels like it came on out of the blue. This Wellness Wednesday post has nothing to do with essential oils and everything to do with mental and emotional … Continue reading

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Today was the best day

I had a chance to play hooky from work today.  Our normal daycare provider needed the day off and we don’t have an alternate place for our Bug to go on days like this so I used a sick day … Continue reading

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Birthdays and deep thoughts

 One day very soon I will wake up a 39 year old.  That will be old to some and young to others.  I can’t do anything about it – a fact is a fact and time keeps marching on.  My … Continue reading

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A Nap with my Little Love

I’ve been struggling with learning to slow down.  Maybe it is a mindset that I idealize yet can’t actually adopt.  I’m working on it and today, TODAY is one for the record books for me. Our son woke up and … Continue reading

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I start a 21 day mind, body, soul detox tomorrow.  Yoga, mindful eating and asking myself questions that require space and deep thoughts to answer.  I’m excited and nervous.  I know I’m on a precipice and I will be changed … Continue reading

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Slow down

I am trying to slow down. Life has a pace that is hard to keep up with not just sometimes but most of the time. Work commitments, house upkeep, meal plans, routines -all necessary however the speed at which we … Continue reading

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An ache

I lost my dad last week.  I helped my mother get him home from the hospital on Friday, January 9th.  My baby sister and I were at the house to receive the hospice equipment and get training that morning.  He … Continue reading

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