Thank you for stopping in!  I’m so happy to have you.  My name is Rita and this little slice of the internet called The Rita Records is written by me.

A whirlwind of contrasts describe me best –  strong and weak, stressed out but peaceful, mindful yet totally oblivious. My husband D is the love of my life. Our son Bug and cat Psyche are our partners in crime and we live in beautiful Northern California.

I am a wife and mama, first and foremost.  I am also an entrepreneur and work-outside-the-home parent, old soul, seeker, mental health advocate, essential oil user and occasional blogger.  I aspire to be a multilingual baker,  calligrapher, therapist,  world traveler and yogi when I grow up. I dabble in all of these things and am a master of none.

What you’ll find as you wander this site – my blog which is a collection of thoughts from over the years.  They touch on personal places my mind wandered to – some are highly emotional and others simply random.  This blog is dedicated to my favorite things: humor, reflection (self or otherwise aka: cheap therapy), my yoga journey and giving people a glimpse into my crazy, fulfilled, amazingly real life.

I am also the cofounder of the OYL Slick – a growing tribe of Young Living Essential Oilers.  So, you will also find a space dedicated to Essential Oils – Young Living information, an invitation to join my team, general resources as well as the protected OYL Slick Team Resources page.

I encourage you to poke around and stay a while.  Yell if you have any questions.  You can send them to me at: theritarecords@gmail.com

You can also find me on Instagram and Twitter here: @theritarecords

I hope you’ll wander around for a bit – I’ll look forward to interacting with you!

All the best,



Photo Credit: The photo in my header was taken by our lovely friend Rachel in 2011.


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