×It is for you to experience in order to grow.

This statement just hit me.

Over the last several weeks I have been trying really hard to work on my mindset – staying positive, learning to be present and grateful – training my mind to focus on positives. Things were clicking and I was feeling a mental shift. Then I took a blow – I was let down and disappointed by someone and more than that – I’ve been dwelling on it. Plans that I had put into place months ago fell through and I was left needing to find a solution on my own. There was no offer of help or apology for the mix up. It is during trials like this – where I find a solution and yet stay bitter about it that I struggle the most.

I’ve sat here trying to noodle through why this situation is staying with me – turns out it is good ‘ol disappointment. I am disappointed. Leadership skills, common curtesy and interpersonal communication skills are lacking. I’m highly annoyed by this and it is the primary reason for my disgruntled point of view. I have high expectations of people and I need reminders that it isn’t fair to hold others to my own expectations, it’s a recipe for let downs. I’ve admittedly wasted precious energy on my annoyance for the last few days. Today as I was reading through one of my mindset books -this phrase popped out at me… “It is for you to experience in order to grow.”

Well damn. How is that for some perspective? What this whole situation is stirring up for me is that I need to grow past this. Here is what I’m learning: 1) not everyone is a leader, 2) this feeling of disappointment is what I need to remember so that I don’t do these things to others and 3) be a better example. In the end, I handled it. I’ve centered my focus on that and have had enough of my own pitty party so I am learning this lesson and moving on.

Thanks for helping work through this – cheap therapy at it’s finest.



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