Today was the best day

I had a chance to play hooky from work today.  Our normal daycare provider needed the day off and we don’t have an alternate place for our Bug to go on days like this so I used a sick day to be with him.   Talk about my true bliss.  I got a chance to live out the dream in my head of being a full time at home mommy for the day.  I am not certain I would actually be a good stay at home mom if the truth be told…

I am proud to say that I completed my first Oprah and Deepak free 21 day meditation practice this month.  I’ve really embraced the idea of meditation and I am continuing this mindfulness by working on my mindset – trying to retrain my brain towards positivity, owning your attitude and thus your day.  Bug always flys into our room between 6:30 and 7:00 a.m. and states his presence… a tangible TA-DA – I’M HERE WORLD and I need to PEE – Can  you help me <insert either daddy or mommy depending on his mood that day>?!  He natually exudes the type of positivity that I am trying to harness.  Let me tell you, there is no better way to start the morning than getting to spend an extra hour in bed on a weekday snuggling, having tickling fits and playing hide & seek with your family before officially getting up.

We did eventually get out of bed and our PJs, brushed our teeth, and got dressed for the day.  Downstairs, we whipped up breakfast, played with Hot Wheels and watched Lego Batman.  I got laundry going and managed to get two full loads done.  We ventured outside to check the mail and discoved beautiful weather.   Since we didn’t have any set plans I asked if he’d like to go to the park and he almost came unglued!  His enthusiasm managed to coax his dad away from his work for a 30 minute break and he joined us on our little adventure.

At the park – our normally very hesitant little boy, OWNED THE SLIDE all by himself.  He marched right up the stairs and took a seat at the top of the big slide and down he went. We were elated for him.  He was having so much fun and was willing to try to climb up some of the other parts of the play structure which never happens.  My heart was so swollen and happy.  THIS.. this is the day that I have been holding in my minds eye for weeks, actually months now. Completely absorbed in my family – spending time together and completely electronics free.  I sadly don’t have pictures to share because I forgot my phone at home and I’m ok with it.  We spent a good amount of time climbing and running then headed home.

Once we got back from the park, Bug helped me make some banana bread and finished up our slow cooker chicken noodle soup for our dinner tonight while his dad went back to work.  Once the bread was in the oven, I loaded him up to run errands with me.  We ran over to the vet to pick up food for Psyche.  Then off to pick up some Christmas and birthday presents for his cousins – with a pre-negotiated stop in the toy section to peruse all of the latest offerings.  We made a last stop to pick up some bubble tea and egg puffs for a snack and headed back home.

The rest of the night has been our usual routine – dinner, a few videos – more playing and then bath and bed time.  I will hold this day close to my heart.  We didn’t end up doing anything “special” per se and yet the whole day was special.

I hope you’ve had an amazing day too.



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One Response to Today was the best day

  1. Norma Lawrence says:

    So good. It’s a honest day’s work.

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