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The Journal part 3

Here’s what I remember from those first texts, these aren’t quotes and D may disagree at the order it all happened but this is my take on our story.  So, just go with it. FROM D: Hi Rita, it’s D, … Continue reading

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The Journal part 2

I had met a co-worker’s brother-in-law at a BBQ during Memorial Day weekend in 2007. I saw him at one other event hosted by the same co-worker later that year too. He was married, curiously though, his wife was never … Continue reading

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The Journal

I was about to turn thirty and had lived “inside of my head” with my opinionated “committee” for a long time.  Due to some personal experiences, I had long ago given up on any faith in relationships.  I had moved forward in … Continue reading

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Ramblings about how my beliefs were shaped…

I am not a religious person.  I do not like religious labels.  I have had a fascination with religion since I was a small child.  Thankfully my parents weren’t the church going type.  They (to the dismay of many people … Continue reading

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So, I just remembered I started a new blog in January.

How about that b/s?  I have a blog (again).  I totally forgot about it.  I remember laboring over a new name and a fresh “face” last January.  I was so excited to make my come back.  And that’s pretty much … Continue reading

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Health, Happiness and Family

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Yesterday was a very emotional day.  Take time to be thankful for the family and friends you are blessed with.  It’s important.  Make it a priority to tell them that you care.

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